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Back in the Summer of 2016, I wrote my so-called success story on TinnitusTalk – the public forum where I have had a profile since 2013 and which lends its name to this domain. Since 2016, I have been much less busy on TinnitusTalk (as well as other forums) – mainly checking in with the tinnitus community when there have been research updates or advocacy matters to share details on. Specifically, advocacy has been a topic that I have spent the last 18 months on – helping the tinnitus research community gain a leading edge with regards to winning the Frontiers Spotlight Award. Since that project is soon coming to an end, I will be shifting focus to a "role" I am similarly well-versed in: the "intersection of finance and tinnitus" as a contributor to pharma company updates on Seeking Alpha.

However, during the past eight months since I created this website, I have had a number of messages come my way from people asking for specific research information as well as from forum members on TinnitusTalk who wanted to join me in the advocacy efforts. Similarly, my research updates on public forums tend to be consistently popular with a certain group of members. And so, since I will stay active in keeping up-to-date on research related to tinnitus, hearing loss, and stem cells through my future contributions on Seeking Alpha, I have decided to set up a closed community for those interested in the kind of topics I contribute on. The community will go live later in February but anyone interested in joining already now can request access via this link.

So... who is this forum for? Well as a starting point, the group will be closed and hosted on Google+ and anyone wishing to join would typically only become aware of the community via this website. Put another way: it will be a non-public forum for members who have an above-average interest in the topics I tend to cover i.e. experimental medicine and research news in relation to tinnitus and stem cells – while also keeping an eye on the pharma companies that are proceeding with clinical trials. Closed groups have the advantage of keeping a stronger on-topic newsfeed focus and reducing the "noise factor" at the same time. Google+ (unlike Facebook) allows for topics to be placed into categories rather than having a single newsfeed for everything and group member names cannot be read by those not part of the community (so better privacy). In addition, closed groups allow for sharing of information that may not be fully compatible with large public communities where every post is visible to anyone and everyone; some public forums also have limitations on what material can be shared (e.g. mp4-files for webcasts are not always supported). So in a nutshell, expect the group to be kept relatively small and essentially serve as a mixture between an "information repository" and a "member space" where you can share your thoughts.

Should you have questions, you can reach me at:

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    1. The community on Google+ was shut down when Google decided to sunset the platform some two years ago. So… we moved (back) to Facebook where we have a private (hidden) group. It’s not the easiest task to onboard new members to a hidden community on Facebook (unless connected/friends in the first place). If it’s important for you to join, write me a couple of lines at my e-mail address ( – you can find the link in the header of my homepage. Please note: the group is focused on tinnitus (not stem cells). Hope that helps…

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